#StateAid: Competition Commissioner Vestager “Making the most of Europe’s strengths”

A speech by Commissioner Margrethe Vestager at the Ambrosetti Forum, Villa d’Este, on 2nd September 2017 (perhaps only in the UK) attracted far less attention then the speech given of Michel Barnier on the vexed subject #Brexit.

Nevertheless, Mme Vestager underscored the truth that is often obscured when #StateAid is considered in abstract.  Rather then being something ‘done’ to prevent companies from succeeding in the [EU] Internal Market, State Aid seeks to reinforce and foster economic growth and success by ensuring that there is a level playing field without distortive government support propping up inefficient or failing businesses.

Defending competition also means dealing with government subsidies. So that every business in Europe can compete on equal terms. And so success goes to the companies that are most efficient and innovative – not to the ones that get most help from government.

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Source: Making the most of Europe’s strengths | European Commission