Commissioner Vestager: The new age of corporate monopolies

The video of Competition Commissioner Vestager’s speech at TED Global NYC on 20th September 2017 is now available:


Margrethe Vestager speaking at TEDGlobal NYC, September 20, 2017, The Town Hall, NY, NY.

In her talk which, following TED conventions lasted no more then 18 minutes, Commissioner Vestager spoke about the state of the global markets, why markets need clear rules lest “markets, when they’re left to themselves, [can] end up as the private property of big companies and cartels” and how even the most innovative companies can become a problem when they become too dominant.

“Real and fair competition has a vital role to play in building the trust we need to get the best of our societies,” Vestager said. “And that starts with enforcing our rules.”

A copy of her speech was also, separately, published by the European Commission and is available to view at