Competition | Controlling Public Procurement, State Aid and PPPs

Arfon Consulting Ltd’s MD, Alun Williams, arrived in Prague today in order to co-deliver the European Training Centre Paris (ETCP)’s training seminar focusing on Competition Policy.

Over the next three days, in conjunction with Lithuanian colleague Ignas Paukstys, Alun shall be examining a number of critical elements relating to competition policy, including public procurement, state aid and public private partnerships with a multi-national group of public servants from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

Together with ETCP’s very own Franck Sottu, who shall be making a ‘surprise’ guest appearance, Alun and Igmas shall be be using a case study intensive and audience led approach to discuss some of the key issues that underpin the successful delivery of this complex policy portfolio.  Topics, inter alia, will include:

  • Competition policy: rules, objectives and key principles
  • Public Procurement reform
  • State Aid Modernisation
  • The General Block Exemption Regulation
  • Competitive Dialogue: success conditions and risks
  • Market Economy Operator/Investor Principle (MEOP/MEIP)
  • State guarantees

With the integrity and the operation of the European Union’s Internal Market of increasing socio-economic and political importance within a fractured global trading system imperiled by both Brexit and the Trump Administration’s “America First” trade policies, policy makers are increasingly vigilant to ensure that there is no distortion of fair and effective competition between companies in EU countries, and that competition law – in all its guises – is respected.

This, in turn, places an even greater obligation of the national authorities of EU countries to ensure that individual public policy decisions ensure that competition is not restricted or undermined in ways that are detrimental to the economy or society.

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